since 1475

Prior to your visit to Bath Gedikpaşa hope it will help you the next few little reminders. Your request more information or info@gedikpasahamami.co email address for sending your questions or (212) 517 89 56 You can contact us by calling a phone number.

• You and the more comfortable we ask that you make a reservation before coming to the baths we can provide a complete service.

• loincloth may need a bath, slippers, towels, shampoo such materials are to be provided by us, our guests spare underwear and / or bikini / swimsuit bring recommended.

• Please note that if allowed to stay completely naked in the bath, we want to note that should be covered with loincloths provided to you from the waist down.

• Any material provided is only for use in the bath in the bath is done in our shop for our guests who wish to sell our products.

• In accordance with our hygiene rules, not cut in stone core of our service it is done in basins and we have no food and beverage service within the wet floors. We are happy to provide our guests who desire more information on the subject.

• Traditional Hammam Ritual does not include massages, our guests who want to take the classic oil massage services are kindly requested to make a reservation specifying these requests. Our massage service is offered by our professional therapists in our private massage rooms.

• Valuables, we ask that you keep in a safe located in the rear of the desk.

• After your bath experience, spend time in camegah relax, if you want a bath of special snacks carefully prepared menu from our café or homemade lemonade, you can taste our teas and coffee.

• The process that you have the fullest while living in Bath, all of our guests can benefit from avoiding this quiet and peaceful atmosphere and the high volume of noise inside and we ask you to take pleasure.

• Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and has to breathe. So take care of your skin and do not forget to enjoy your bath experience.

• If you are having problems such as sunburn or skin injury recommends that you do not enter the bath, any medication you see the warm ambience in the bath we ask you to ensure that adversely affect you.

The Historical Gedikpaşa Turkish Bath Adress : Hamam Cad. No : 61 Gedikpaşa / İSTANBUL Phone : 0212 517 89 56 - 518 60 33 Web Tasarım : Mustafa GÜL